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Project: Action to Negative Attitudes of the

Mass Media Professionals towards Roma



                                   Students work – movies and clips


1. “Do you separate the colors?!”, director: M. Anananieva;


2. “Black – White”, director: V. Andondv:


3. “A Dream”, director: V. Borisov:


4. “Together, director:”M. Kostadinova:


5. “Myths and legends, director:”Rosi Koen:


6. “Sunshine in dhe rain”, director: H. Simeonov:


7. “Kalaidjiistvito” (Tinkerkraftsman), director: Y. Yankova:


8. “Music equal people, director:”I. Penchev;


9. “Wheel of Life”, director: M. Kraleva;


10. “The flag”, advertisement, director: P. Georgiev


Supported by: Open Society Institute/ Roma Initiatives  

The Project was executed by the organization  “Student Society for the Development of Interethnic Dialogue”, Bulgaria in 2012 with partnership with Department of Television and Cinema Art at the South-Western University, Blagoevgrad and Minority Studies Society STUDII ROMANI.





* The other project product as agreed was a publication of a lecture course “Gypsies in Eastern Europe” by Prof. Elena Maroushiavkova and Veselin Popov.


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